Afterlife Ver. 2.0

綜合媒材裝置 :回收電子零件、塑膠玻璃、微型控制器、八位 元晶片,塑膠,燈管,木料,金屬支架,液晶螢幕

Mix media installation, recycling electronic components, plexiglass, micro-controller, 8bit IC, plastics, tube-light, wood, steel, LCD monitor 67.5*30*30cm,腳架 stand 80cm~120cm

現實世界的生命 ←裝置→ 虛擬世界的生命 “想像生命就只是簡單的生命,無關於 大小,形體,比例 …… “ 收集現實世界的生命,再將生命轉入 虛擬的遊戲世界;遊戲中主要角色的 生命與裝置收集到的生命數量相對等, 裝置本身成為真實與虛擬生命之間的 中介容器,裝置經由終結昆蟲生命的 數量會藉由裝置上的顯示器以總累計 數值的方式顯示,並對等轉生至遊戲 中,成為昆蟲角色的生命量,反之當 觀眾進行遊戲時所損失的生命數量也 會減少裝置的收集總數,當顯示器的 總數達到 0 時,遊戲則無法進行,裝 置會要求等待收集新的生命。

Real life from physical world <—> Afterlife in the virtual environment “Life is just simple as life, it’s nothing about size, surface, scale…… “ In this Project I try to reduce and magnify the scale of life, let this work can collect life by itself and transfer into a virtual environment to create a kind of afterlife. The virtual environment is a game called“life invader “. On the device, there is a display shows the amount of life collected by installation, and this amount will be the hero ́s life of this game. So if audience plays the game and lose the life of hero, the number shows on the display will be decreased. When the number turns to“0″, that means the installation itself have to collect new life for continuing the game.