展出作品〈沙箱〉(sandbox),沙箱原本是在軟體開發時候,創作者可以利用沙 箱去撰寫實驗性的程式語碼,去測試新軟體的可能性(註 1)。展名中的”Null ”(註 2),為不去指向任何位址的值,利用在軟體開發上,軟體工程師可以 利用不同的參數去設定,運算出各種可能性的程式語碼,在中文的解釋為”空 ”及是沒有局限的各種可能性。此次展出作品源自於還在進行中的計畫《截夢 者》,《截夢者》計劃主要的內容是關於人類想像的能力與其行為,這個計畫 將會是去賦予一台機器擁有想像夢境的能力。藝術家認為人與人之間傳達夢境 的訊息時,無法真實傳遞夢境的圖像,往往是透過每個人聽做夢者的夢境敘述 後,在自己在腦海中詮釋構築對方夢境的畫面。 這次展出的作品『沙箱』,則是在進行《截夢者》計劃時,因為設備的需求所 衍生出的先導試驗(利用無線電裝置的特性,去強化原先利用 NIRS(近紅外線 感測),配合 EEG 經常科學家運用在腦科學上,兩種儀器的限制), 而在這次個展《injector before null》中,作品〈沙箱〉(sandbox)試圖用空白 的展覽空間,藉由 sms 簡訊傳達文字訊息去闡述以及導引觀眾去窺探數件被認 為不在場的作品,而作品的內容都是關於一件人們相信但始終無法確認,卻又 覺得存在的事物,點出某些事物在人們發現以及利用之前就已經存在,當人們 能夠想像之時其便存在。 觀眾進入展覽空間時,軟體與無線電裝置不斷的發送訊號並且嗅探鄰近基地台 以及觀眾手機的相容度,在一定時間內讓觀眾的手機斷開於電信業者的連接, 進而連接到展覽空間中的訊號,屆時,電腦軟體會得到觀眾手機的 IMSI 碼(國 際移動用戶識別碼)(註 3),並且傳送簡訊到觀眾的手機,不斷重複,不同 於《截夢者》,是較為單向給觀眾訊息,透過文字的描述形容描述一件或是多 件不存在於現場的藝術品或是事件。但不管觀眾是否有回應,訊息內容大多與 一件人們相信有存在的可能性但卻無法證實的事物有關連。

[ Sandbox ] represents that how people use their imaginations to draw those artworks by only texts in their mind. It is a work that receive radio signal from those base transceiver station of local carriers. It will decode and sniff and using 4G restrict technique with those signal and when audience go into that exhibition space with their mobile phones, they will get SMS text massages constantly which are describing them invisible artworks(those invisible works guided by lighting) by text. Audiences have to image those works by themselves, because of the exhibition space is a empty.

In addition,those texts from [sandbox] are something which people think it’s existed, but they still can not prove it.

Example of SMS text massages :

Hi, welcome to *****. Did you see the small installation that presents a prayer that pray for God next to the entrance?

I am sure that you see many wonderful art pieces in this exhibition, and time to feel some different things.

Did you see a painting that hung up on the wall? It is about alien abduction?

There is a man who always tries to stay away from you. Who is he?

Next to the elevator maze, did you see the kinetic installation which presents Time, Space, and Gravity between infinitely small particles inside our universe?

Things have been always there before we discover it, just like the matters do not exist before we define them.

Please walk to the passageway, you will see a ferro fluid work that hang up on the wall and that shows you the nearly future as a organic sculpture.

Please grab a drink and go to someone and pay attention to her eyes. You will see how human eye that have such a beautiful pattern on it.

Close to the passageway, you will see an painting that contents microbe, bacteria that grow on the canvas.

Do you like emojis?I really like to send you a emoji that looks like ?ω?.


Are you still around?